Testimonial Received 20-07-2020

Lovely big preschool. Staff all really caring and good at what they do. Fantastic admin. Great preschool for transition to school, especially Thomas A Becket Infant school as most children move up there.

Charlotte Matthews

Testimonial Recieved 17.07.2020

we loved our time at Laugh and learn. they were all lovely and welcoming when we were suddenly trying to find a new preschool. they were amazing. so kind and caring. and our son settled in very quickly there. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to find somewhere for there little one.. we miss all you lovely ladies. xx

Katie Bramley

Testimonial Received 17.07.2020

Our eldest daughter has had an amazing time at this preschool the staff are fantastic, the resources at great and the garden is lovely. We are really looking forward to our youngest starting here in September.

Hannah Gatehouse

Testimonial Received 23.07.2019

My daughter has really enjoyed coming to Laugh and Learn pre school over the last two years. She was quite shy when she started as a little two-year-old but has grown into an independent and much more confident nearly four year old who is ready to move on to big school. Sharon and all the other ladies at Laugh and Learn really are lovely and we will miss them all. My daughter has especially enjoyed playing in the garden, the trips to the nursing homes, beach school (for the older children) and all the other great activities that are available to do at pre-school each day. She has learnt so many new things over the last two years, made some lovely friends and had lots of fun along the way too.

Julia White

Testimonial Received 20.07.2019

My daughter has had the best 2 years at Laugh and Learn. It is just such a lovely pre school. The ladies are all amazing and do so much for all the children. My daughter has learned so much coming here, grown in confidence and ran in happy every day. she made some wonderful friends and loved her teachers too. They have a great outside area, loads of space, even on rainy days make the most of what they have. They

have also done so much to prepare the children for school, dressing themselves in their PE kits, school uniform role play etc... I'm gutted our journey at Laugh and Learn has come to an end, we will miss you all but will recommend massively to anyone xxx

Lucy Lowe

Testimonial Received 19.07.2019

My daughter had a wonderful experience at the pre-school! The staff have been brilliant, and they have all been there a long time so are very experienced and have seen a lot of children progress through to school which I feel is an important factor to consider when choosing a pre school. The school makes great use of the outside space they have and provide brilliant learning activities that change with seasons/events of the

month for example easter, xmas etc. The key workers get to know your child very well and are understanding with any issues you have. The school is kept outstandingly clean and tidy I cannot fault the little set up they have and feel as they are set in the heart of the village, they have a real community spirit about them. my daughter will really miss them all, she has discovered so much. I wish laugh and learn all the best in the future and would like to thank all the ladies that have made my daughter so happy every day.

Thank you x

Hayley Pilkington

Testimonial Received 19.07.2019

Amazing preschool that my 3 boys have really enjoyed whilst making special friendships that have continued through infant and junior school. The staff are lovely and make such special efforts to not only provide great learning opportunities, but they also have so much fun and really care for all the children. Thank you for all your hard work over the years!

Katie Strong

Testimonial Received 19.07.2019

My daughter has been at Laugh and Learn for two years. She skips into nursery every day, and on our walk home she tells me about all of the fantastic things she has done. The teachers are all so caring, and they are constantly thinking up new activities to challenge and entertain the children. My daughter was very shy and unsure of herself when she first started, now she is a very confident little girl.

Katie Bowler

Testimonial Received 17.07.2019

What an amazing pre-school. The staff are one in a million they look after you child's individual needs and your family needs all three of my children have grown and flourished here and they have supported them and us as a family through the good times and the hard times going to miss the preschool but they will always have a special place in our hearts. Thank you laugh and learn for everything. Will continue to

recommend you to all my mummy friends x

Kate Denyer

Testimonial Received 19.10.18

A wonderful place of learning for children in all things.

Anne-Marie Lovejoy

Testimonial received September, 2018

I wanted to write to express how extremely pleased we were with the care and support our son Freddy received during his year at the Laugh and Learn Pre School in Tarring High Street, Worthing. The care and support that Freddy and our family received was first class. Right from the start, Freddy was fully supported and nurtured whilst being made to feel completely safe and secure. All the staff here go above and beyond to make sure the children are enjoying their time and learning in a safe and stimulating environment.


Through the close observation and quality time the staff spent with Freddy, they were able to highlight the indicators of some potential issues in Freddys development. When this was highlighted to us by the staff at Laugh and Learn it was done extremely sensitively and positively. At all times Freddy and ourselves were put at the centre of everything the nursery did. Through the process of Freddy’s assessments and eventual diagnosis of ‘Autistic Spectrum Disorder’ the hard work and support provided by all the staff at Laugh and Learn was beyond anything we could have expected. Laugh and learn produced lots of high quality observational reports, detailed supporting documentation and arranged and chased up appointments for specialists to come to the pre-school to see Freddy in the environment he was most comfortable. Throughout all this, Laugh and Learn liaised with us constantly and we were always consulted and asked for our opinions and thoughts at every stage. They couldn’t have been any more supportive to us as parents.

In a wider context, all this shows the outstanding level of managerial provision and organisation that was completely evident at all times. The quality of the support and care that Freddy received throughout his time at Laugh and Learn has been absolutely outstanding. Freddy was nurtured and encouraged and at all times his care was totally suited to his needs and current progress. All staff were completely up to date on Freddy’s needs and current development making the care seamless. We feel Freddy had all the support he needed to reach his full potential at this stage.

The level of care and attention involved in Freddys transition to big school was just amazing. They helped us arrange extra meetings with the school and showed such care at making sure everyone at school was aware of Freddys needs. They never showed any break from concern in his welfare right up to the day that he left. I really do feel they helped Freddy grow in strength and maturity ready to cope with this next stage of life.

In short, the wonderful and professional organisation and provision at Laugh and Learn has had a huge positive impact on Freddy and the excellent progress he was able to make both academically and socially has changed his life for the better. Freddy will feel a great benefit from his year at Laugh and Learn throughout his school life by having had the best possible start to his learning career. I cannot sing their praises enough and would whole heartily recommend them to any prospective parents.

L. Toghill

Testimonials received July, 2018

My daughter had absolutely loved her time at Laugh and Learn. She had grown in confidence and as a person thanks to all of the ladies at Laugh and Learn. She has been looked after so well I couldn't have asked for better care. I have been able to leave her there every day knowing she is in safe hands and been kept safe and given a hug if she needs it. I can't recommend this pre school highly enough. I'd especially like to thank Jackie who's been Chloe's key worker and has been incredible. Thank you so much for making her time there special and getting her ready to move on to school. We will miss you all so much. X

K. Boxall

I would like to thank everyone at Laugh & Learn Tarring for the outstanding care you have given my daughter Annabelle throughout the time she has been with you. She is a very bubbly and happy child, ready to take the next journey up to reception in September and couldn’t have asked for a happier start to school life thanks to this wonderful preschool & staff. I would recommend you highly, thank you all so much, keep doing what you do. Amazing, friendly staff that CARE

L. Beesley

I wanted to wait until my daughter was finishing at Laugh & Learn to give a full review.

My daughter started at the play school at the age of two years old. We left our shy, reserved and nervous daughter at the school on her first day crying and not wanting to join in.

Fast forward to now and she is about to leave for primary school and WOW....she has transformed into a confident, sociable and intelligent young lady with many friends.

I can't thank the staff enough for this transformation. The care, thought and dedication that goes into moulding the young minds at Laugh and Learn are incredible. It is all the small things that make this school great. Even now in the late stages, as the children are preparing to leave for primary school. Instead of the staff winding down and thinking that their job is done, they are busy prepping them with practice PE kit changes, homework that is being sent home and dressing up/role-play in their new uniforms. 100% effort right until the day they leave.

There truly is masses of thought that goes into each aspect of learning. The learning journal that the parents can take home just proves how much individual attention each child receives with in-depth reporting on the children from social skills to numeracy. It is always funny reading the comments your child has made to certain situations which get noted in the journal.

It is sad my daughter is leaving such a wonderful environment, but we couldn't have picked a better place for her. Please let this review calm your nerves when you are choosing your young child's school as I only know to well how big a decision it is.

Laugh and Learn will work on both the strengths and weaknesses of each individual that comes through its doors and mould them into a well-rounded character ready for the next step in their education.

I can't thank you enough, all the staff at Laugh and Learn. Keep doing things exactly the way you are as it's truly working!

K. McWilton

Testimonial received September, 2017

My daughter has just started reception and has settled in with ease, as have all the other children in her class from Laugh and Learn from what I can tell! I think it's a testament as to how well Laugh and Learn prepared them! I can't wait for my son to join Laugh and Learn next year as I'm sure he'll love it just as much! My daughter still sings the song now!


Testimonial received July, 2017

I cannot recommend laugh and learn highly enough. As soon as I walked through the gates the day I was shown around I knew this was the right place for my daughter. Sharon and Allison and all the staff are outstanding in the care and nurturing of our children and also a great support to the parents. I found laugh and learn incredibly professional at all times and I was so impressed at the dedication you all showed towards making it the most amazing experience for my daughter to learn and grow, she loved every minute. Thank you, I really couldn't of left her with anyone else xx

R. Sullivan

Testimonials received September, 2016

I would like to tell you that from the first day I was shown your Laugh and Learn nursery I noticed the atmosphere was very welcoming and comfortable. As the weeks went on and my grandson attended it was evident he had had an interesting, active, varied, stimulating but supportive morning provided by the well-trained staff.  In my professional life I have had to visit many facilities for children and I believe Laugh and Learn (even the name is brilliant) is one of the consistently best.  Thank you for contributing to my grandson's development and welfare.

Carol Allen


Even though my daughter only attended Laugh & Learn for a short while she loved everything about it. Everyone was so lovely and welcoming and I felt confident and at ease leaving her there. It's given my daughter the opportunity to build friendships for her transition to first school to which I will be forever grateful.. top nursery/pre school xxx

L. Cadden


Outstanding ofsted and outstanding staff. They have been fantastic with my children, my older two loved it here and my third child has just started. Cannot recommend this pre school enough.

S. Sahili


Testimonials received July, 2016

Our daughter graduated today. Thank you so much to Emma and the team for everything over the last two years. I can't recommend laugh and learn enough.  Beach school, owl visits and child lead learning. An amazing start to her school career. Nora loved every minute and is so fond of all of you. Thank you again xxx

J. Childs

Comments received about our amazing 'Outstanding Ofsted' -


Well done all! H Roffey 7th January 2016


Very well done and very well deserved. C Lownds. 19th December 2015


Very well deserved a wonderful school with lovely staff. C Oxley. 19th December 2015


Congratulations ladies! You all do an amazing job & look after the children so well. K Strong. 19th December 2015


Amazing!! Congratulations ladies, thoroughly well deserved too. K Pedder. 19th December 2015


Congratulations, and very well deserved, great people and great place. I Bennett. 20th December 2015


Congratulations. Well deserved, you all work so hard. S Sahili. 20th December 2015


Congratulations to everyone. Well done. J Hopkins. 20th December 2015

Congratulations. C James. 20th December 2015


Congratulations and very well deserved!!! Well done all of you. S Docherty. 20th December 2015


Testimonial received November, 2015


My son Freddie absolutely adored his time at Pre-school and was definitely ready for big school with the help of the lovely ladies at Laugh and Learn.

S. Donelan

Testimonial received November, 2015

Such lovely photos giving us a look at a wonderful week. Keep up the good work ladies.

H. Roffey

Testimonial received June, 2015

My daughter absolutely loves montessori play school since she started we have seen a big improvement in her speech and behaviour towards others. the teachers are great with my daughter and I couldn't be happier with my choice of play school my daughter attends.

D. Webb


Testimonial received May, 2015


My daughter has shown improvement in many aspects in a short time. As soon as we get home my daughter wants to go back to playschool. She enjoys it so much. Can't thank the staff enough for everything they do.

K. Webb


Testimonial received May, 2015


Laugh and learn is a great pre-school with amazing staff
My son attended and I had no doubt I wanted my twins too as well.
They have settled in so well.

B. Novis


Testimonial received October, 2014


"I just want to say a huge thank you to all the staff for settling Ramona in so brilliantly, she talks about nursery non stop and is in love with Mrs Haines. We feel so comfortable sending her in to you and it's so lovely to hear all about what a great morning she's had.


We really are thrilled with the level of care we've witnessed."

Amy x


Testimonial received September, 2014


"We are very excited for this whole term looking at the upcoming adventures and sad too since it is our last term with you all.  Many, many thanks for all the support and love given by each one of you.

A. Chauhan


Testimonial received July, 2014


"Thank you very much. We are watching Finley grow from strength to strength.  His independence, confidence and skills have come so far in the time he has been with Laugh and Learn.  Thank you for all the effort you put in, it truly is appreciated.  Our beautiful, confident, clever, self-sufficient, amazing little boy is now ready for school.

Leigh & Luke Tyler + Finley


Testimonial received February, 2014


"Like any mum, I was extremely apprehensive about my little boy starting Pre-school, leaving him on his own in a strange building with people he did not know.  On my son's first morning I was really nervous and thought I would end up taking him back home with me.  However, I couldn't have been more reassured. 


We were asked to arrive slightly later than the other children and the first thing that struck me was how relaxed the environment was.  The doors were open for the children to freely wander inside and outside to play.  Inside, children were buzzing around happily playing in various stations, with the pre-school staff sat amongst them.

We received a very warm reception from all the staff, who also knew my son's  name.  It was nice to know he was expected by everyone working
that day and reassured me that everybody would be looking out for him, and not just his key worker.

A few days prior to starting Laugh and learn, we had a change in circumstances, meaning some last minute alterations to my son's timetable.  Obviously, this was the last thing I wanted to have to bring up on his first day, and I felt very embarrassed having to do it.  However, the manager and proprietor could not have been more understanding and accommodating which my husband and I were extremely grateful for.

Since starting Laugh and Learn, which has only been a few weeks, my son had his two year check which identified a delay in his speech.  I mentioned this to the manager and she was on to it straight away, producing a development plan for pre-school and home.  We have already
noticed some improvement and he appears more confident.

Overall, we are struck by the warm, caring attitude of the staff and the empathy they show.  I understand that most of them are mothers themselves and therefore they have first hand experience which is a huge comfort.  It is clear that our little boy enjoys going to pre-school and we have certainly made the right choice in Laugh and Learn."

Christine Dickinson




Sports Day, 2013


“Fabulous sports day....the children were wonderful and a big thank you to all the teachers for making it happen. Harry absolutely loved the bear hunt so I have two very happy, slightly tired children” x


“It was an awesome sports day! Well done everyone!”


“Great effort from teachers...it was fantastic day in Leisure centre ...”


“It was so fun! Well done to all and thank you very much for making it a great experience for the kids.”


“Fantastic, well done”




"Since my son has attended Laugh and Learn he has made lots of friends, he's so happy when I drop him off and pick him up and he likes tells me all about his day (a recent highlight was meeting the Lolly-pop man and the Christmas party with a visit from Santa!). He enjoys playing with all the different toys/activities which seem to change each day, and he has brought home some amazing crafts, art work and treats that he has made (which rarely happened at his previous nursery!). I'm very pleased with the care he receives and I'm proud of the way he has developed and learnt skills that will help him in starting school in September. It's also helpful to see the white board by the entrance in order that parents are kept up to date with important information (including themes for each week)."

​K Strong

"Laugh and learn is an outstanding pre-school. My daughter went there for two years and now my son. The staff are caring and I would highly recommend this to any mum. If you're looking for safe and fun environment. This is the place!"

M Zyambo

Laugh and Learn Montessori Nursery

"When we were choosing a nursery for our daughter, some may call us particularly fussy! We considered 9 nurseries in total and visited 7 of them. Each nursery we looked at appeared to have an important element missing. Finally we visited the Laugh and Learn Montessori Nursery and it ticked every box for us! The nursery has a very welcoming and homely feel and we knew in an instant that we had found the right place for our daughter. She is safe, very well cared for, extremely happy, and stimulated. She is encouraged to develop her own character and has a wonderful freedom of choice and independence. We had been very keen on the Montessori method of education, so this was a great big tick, but it was not to be the deal breaker...

We liked the fact that some of the staff members were more mature with natural maternal instincts and life experience. We were able to trust them, one hundred percent with the care of our child. The teachers and assistants know each and every child and treat them as individuals. There is a beautiful holistic nurturing ethos as if their work with the children is a vocation and not a job.

The only down side for us was that we had chosen the nursery that was the furthest distance from home! However, we were so satisfied with our choice that we were prepared to travel the extra distance across town, (and across the railway line!), to see our daughter thrive in this special environment.

On her first day at nursery, as soon as the classroom door opened, she literally raced in and never looked back! In the last twelve months, she has absolutely thrived, she loves attending and is blossoming into a confident child who loves to learn. Quite sincerely, I would not hesitate to recommend L&L Montessori to any parent, especially if like us; it was a hard decision at first to let your child go!"

Susie Balchin

"Laugh and Learn has been an invaluable start to Emre's first experience being away from home and mummy!  All the girls are lovely and I always feel confident and happy when leaving him in their care."

Anna Cayli

"I'd like to say that Laugh and learn has been amazing for my son, he has been supported to develop at his own pace and in his own way, giving him great confidence and a very happy experience at Montessori. As a parent i feel part of the nursery and have ample opportunity to talk to the staff, all parents are involved in the development of the nursery to suit the needs of parents and children."

Zoe XxxxX

" My son has absolutely loved being at Laugh and Learn Montessori. It is a very happy, nurturing, stimulating environment and I have total confidence in the lovely staff"


"The staff at laugh and learn are absolutely wonderful and create an engaging and fun environment for the children. I was concerned about My son's transition to Pre-school but Sharon and her team managed it beautifully and he settled in more quickly than I could have hoped for.  With thanks."
Sarah Hufford

"I was dreading my son starting pre-school as we have always done everything together and he is rarely without me. However, after visiting Laugh & Learn, I had no doubt that it was the Pre-school for my little boy. Everything about it felt right, from the amount of space they have outside, to the snacks they eat and how they play.

He is a sensitive little chap but has settled very well and is very full of his sessions and the fun he has. The staff always inform me of what he has been up to and I feel he is in a very caring and extremely safe environment. His confidence astounds me and I feel he is flourishing beautifully.

I would have absolutely no qualms in recommending Laugh & Learn, after watching the progress my son has made."