Laugh and Learn Pre-School Tarring 

9b High Street, Tarring


West Sussex

BN14 7NN



On Arrival

A typical day at pre-school starts at 8.30 or 9am with a pick up at either 12pm or 2.30pm. Parents and children gather in the outside play area and have an opportunity to interact with each other and to read any messages for the day on our white board, which is situated outside the front door. Pushchairs, bikes and scooters cannot

currently be left on the premises.

A member of staff will open the front door and remain there for security and to greet the children as they enter the lobby area. We ask that you say goodbye at the front door, where staff will be available to support their arrival. The majority of our staff will be situated in the main hall during drop off time to give a warm welcome to the

children and engage them in activities to aid the separation process. We ask that the children place their bags and water bottles in the boxes available and their lunch boxes on the trolley provided. In the lobby area we have a Wellington boot box where you can bring in a named pair of boots for your child to change into on rainy days. In the summer we also have a sun hat box which operates in the same way. We will encourage the children to hang up their named coats on any peg in our coat peg area. There will be adults to support them with this.

In the coat peg area, we have on display a range of useful and important information for parents, a comments and suggestions box, your child’s Learning Journal and information about our staff and the key worker system. There will be a member of staff on the door to take any messages, answer any questions. If you feel your child needs extra assistance with separation, please feel free to approach any member of staff for support.

Once all of the parents have left the doors will be secured and we will seat the children in their groups to take a formal register. By keeping the children in two groups this aids social distancing. The main gates to the premises will also be locked and our session will begin. We will always offer a wide range of activities both inside and out to

cover all the areas of learning laid down in the Government’s ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’, and we operate a free flow play system whereby the children can choose which activities they participate in and move freely around all areas of the pre-school. Our staff are situated around the premises in such a way as to ensure that our staff to

child ratios are maintained and that the adults can engage with the children to encourage and extend learning. A typical session will consist of register, free play, rolling snack, story time, and home time.

Snack Time
We operate a” Rolling Snack” which allows the children to choose when they have their snack during the session. They select their name and seat themselves at the table with other children in their group and a supervising adult. They then exchange their name for their snack which they help prepare themselves by pouring drinks or cutting fruit etc. We believe that this way of having snack leads to a more relaxed and smoother running session which benefits the children

Key Worker System
Whilst all our staff are responsible for the health, well-being and emotional happiness of all the children, we also operate a key person system in line with the Governments ‘Every Child Matters’ policy. This means that your child will be assigned to an individual member of staff who will be responsible for observing and recording your child’s individual development in their own Learning Journal. You will be introduced to your key person when your child ​starts and throughout your child’s time with us both you and your key worker will work together to determine their

progress and set their next developmental steps. We have an example of a dummy Learning Journal on the premises for you to look at so please do not hesitate to ask should you require any further information. You can have access to your child’s Learning Journal at any time and they are situated in the coat peg area, and we also hold regular parent drop-in sessions for you to come and talk to us.

For those children who are with us until 2.30pm we will offer a short lunch session at 12.30-1pm. You will need to bring a packed lunch with you in the morning and lunch boxes can be stored on the special trolley situated near the kitchen. Please ensure you place a freezer block inside as we have no facility to refrigerate them. We follow a ‘no nuts’ policy


We encourage the children to be as independent as possible in their toileting and hygiene needs. However, if your child is still in nappies when they start with us, we will be more than happy to change them providing you supply sufficient nappies and wipes in a named bag. When you are ready to potty train just let us know and again, we will be more than happy to continue your home routines at pre-school, all we ask is that you supply a sufficient amount of spare clothes in a named bag.

Home Time

Our sessions draw to an end with story time. We split the children into their groups and hold two separate story times simultaneously. Story time is a mixture of listening to a story, having circle time or singing action songs or stories and nursery rhymes. We find that this system works really well and the children respond positively.

After story time at the designated time, those staying for lunch go to the lunch tables and those going home sit on a carpet and sing our ‘Laugh and Learn’ song. When we have said ‘goodbye’ a member of staff will open the door and the children will be passed out to the parents. The door will be opened at 12pm/2.20pm at the end of each session. Each child will be individually called out of the main hall to greet their parent, where their coat and bags can be collected from the white boxes. A member of staff positioned on the door will ensure that no child leaves

without the correct adult and also mark them out of the register as they leave.


Home time is an ideal time to speak to the staff should you need to.


Uniform polo shirts and sweat shirts
Pre-school is one place where it is absolutely fine to get messy! So please make sure your children only wear old clothes and shoes as, with the best will in the world, we cannot always guarantee they will go home in the same state they arrived. We do sell our own uniform which is just perfect for pre-school and if you are interested in purchasing some please come and speak to us to see an example and for details of current prices.

Sun Screen

Please ensure that during periods of warm weather you apply sun screen to your child before they come to pre-school. If your child stays until 2.30pm please send in a named bottle of sun screen and we will reapply it after lunch.