How to contact Laugh and Learn Preschool Heene:

Owner/Manager: 07809 254917 Preschool: 07986 477205

Please ring to make an appointment to visit us during opening hours

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At Laugh and Learn Pre-school Heene we believe that children deserve the best chance to explore the world and develop skills in a well-planned environment. Our setting encourages children to become independent, confident little people well able to educate themselves for whatever lifestyle they may choose. Each child has the opportunity to develop at their own pace supported by experienced and friendly staff.

By building up good trusting relationships with parents and carers our settling in programme supports both the child and the adult in their first experiences of having to say ‘good bye’. Children have access to two classrooms and a garden within a beautiful flint faced building providing a secure place to enjoy playing games with their friends, riding tricycles, searching for mini beasts under the trees and shrubs and creating constructions using a variety of building materials.  


The equipment we use appeals to all five senses and helps the children to learn about number, language and the world around them in a positive and interesting way. Shared songs, rhymes and stories encourage a sense of belonging within the group.


The introduction of a Beach School to Laugh and Learn Pre-school Heene commenced in the Summer Term of 2012. A growing number of Early Years settings are now visiting local beaches with fantastic feedback and great success.  Each group of our children will visit the beach one day a week over a period of time during the summer term with staff (and hopefully some willing parents and carers!) to enjoy a variety of experiences, exploring the environment and encountering all kinds of weather. The children will benefit immensely from these regular visits; Children having more freedom to explore and investigate the natural materials and world around them, Building relationships and friendships with others and feeling part of a group, Being able to express themselves more freely through being outside in the open air.  


The Pre-school staff are committed in expanding your child’s knowledge across all areas of their development providing a positive and enriching experience for them all.


Our latest inspection report can be viewed at:


Laugh and Learn Pre-school Heene opened in 2011 and is located within the Heene Community Centre in Worthing, West Sussex. The setting supports children with English as an additional language and the staff have years of experience in supporting children with their individual needs. The Pre-school is registered on the Early Years Register and the voluntary and compulsory parts of the Childcare Register and is registered for children aged from two to eight years. The Pre-school follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, planning for every child’s individual needs with a balance of adult-led and child initiated activities.


Opening Times (38 weeks per year)

                  3 hour sessions Mon to Fri           9-12 - £4.75/5phr or FE

                  5 hour sessions Mon to Fri           9-2 - £4.75/5phr or FE

                  Early Birds Mon to Fri                    8.30-9 - £3 or FE



How to contact the Pre-school:


Owner/Manager: 07809 254917             Pre School: 07986 477205  


 Please ring the Pre School to make an appointment to visit us during opening hours.

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