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At Laugh and Learn Pre-school we pride ourselves on providing a safe, caring environment where children can take their first steps into the world of learning with confidence and begin to develop strong inter-personal relationships with other children and adults beyond their own immediate family. In order to do this we encourage independence and individualism so that your child can explore the world around them and develop and grow at a speed that is comfortable for them.

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At Laugh and Learn Pre-school we believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life. We deliver a high quality early years provision for the children in the setting and their parents. Our aim is to make a positive difference to children’s well-being, learning and development by providing young children with a good balance of adult led and child initiated activities. Our highly experienced and qualified early years practitioners “follow the child” by observing and finding out what the child can do, assessing and planning next steps individually, support and extend each child`s learning journey, providing them with the resources that will interest and excite them. We recognise that each child is a competent learner who has an absorbent mind and can be resilient, capable and self-assured.